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Phuc Khang Art LTD is located in Vietnam with a well trained staff ready to support your needs. We are one of the largest importers of artificial thatch in the Southeast Asia.

We are proud to say that Phuc Khang Art had stellar success in 2019. The biggest proiect was in Binh Thuan with the largest Rong roof in Vietnam (6.000 m2 roof, 50 m roof height).  Not only did we cover 20.000 square meters of roofing in just 4 months, but we gave the project a truly exotic feel with specially-designed roofing panels and installation techniques. We were able to guarantee that no storm nets would ever again be needed to keep the thatch from disintegrating.

Phuc Khang Art has worked with many popular theme parks, zoos, bungalows, stadiums, beach resorts, party planners, interior designers, movie studios, television shows, aquariums, golf courses, resorts, home builders, hotels, and restaurants.

We focus on customer service and quality commercial grade artificial thatch products. We have one of the largest inventory and widest selection of green building materials in the industry.

Our integrity is very important. We strive to do what is right for our customers by giving them the best service and quality products. We will give you our best knowledge of the products so you can make the right decision and be satisfied with your purchase from our company.

We travel the world, looking for new opportunities and products while making sure our sources are reputable with acceptable working conditions. Together with our customers, we can give back to the earth and make it a better place to enjoy life.

We are not just another construction company or artificial thatch roof distributor, but a roofing partner for life.


Phuc Khang Art LTD

Phuc Khang Art
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